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Muhammad Legacy Of Reform Mission

Posted on 21 July, 2020 at 17:25 Comments comments (24)

Read an authentic, historical, religious, political and social account of how Muhammad Legacy of The Prophet reform a mission, encouraged it was a religious obligation fighting "Jihad-struggling" racism, is a religious imperative, in the cause of Allah, and we must be proactive and fighting it. We have a religious obligation to stop oppression and must take steps in doing so. Discover how utilizing the language, logic and common sense, explanation texts and reform thinking based on the vision of some of our scholars and Imam W. Deen Mohammed's teaching through his adopted son's Memoir written by the most controversy Muslim-American global leader Bunia Mohammad, since Malcom X.

(el-Hajj Malik el-Shabazz), who has been under the leadership of Imamw.deen Muhammad's experience since his youth.

This compelling literacy work implicates the very distinct revolution to reform for change in the Americas and world. Bunia Muhammad takes readers on a righteous journey into reform and with the many religious deeds as possible to end racism, by protesting and speaking out against injustice, with a pandemic taking countless lives, on the hills of the George Floyd killing in Minnesota, we must join as with other spiritual leaders of many denominations are striving to eradicate a different type of plague, racism.

This is Bunia Muhammad Second Book, is a continuance from his first book . It's Title is the Muhammad Legacy of Reform Mission. Both of his books are based on the African Americans ancestry and black Muslim life in America Religion of Al-Islam. 

This books comes dawn a time of an ongoing global corona Virus disease 2019, Covid19 Out break Pandemic, and there are protest of the nation in justice that have not only accrued historically against black Americans but recently affected our nations to the protest to #Black Lives Matter movements erupt coast to coast and world wide, has lead to distress for those that support the idea of justice, equality and behavior synthetic change and an effort to make justice and equality happen, and are national law enforcement agencies at all levels of government, include civil commitment of mental health laws, as needed for the reform mission.

The new information provided in this book, Bunia Muhammad is given it's readers a history lesson you'll never learn in our government control school system, but he will discuss this knowledge equal freedom through the pages of this book are alternative information not available through the establishment media about #Black Lives Matter.


In Commemoration to #Black Lives Matter Movements, from this day forward, we celebrated the protest on George Floyd death " I can't Breath" UNREST IN AMERICA PROTECTORS MARCHING FOR AMERICA's CRIMINAL RACIST SYSTEM TO BE REFORMED.


By reading this book you'll learn and enhance your wisdom knowledge and understanding why #Black Lives Matter, so please logon our website

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The Playza Club Records Company & Pimpin Entertainment, Inc. Mac-T's Playlist

Posted on 1 September, 2018 at 13:20 Comments comments (84)

From Mac T first CD Album "Ya invited to my gangsta Partie, that went viral over social media and sold over one million units and streaming as the start and foundation of the Playza Club Record Company "Ballin'Outta Control."

Executive Producer Russel Mac T Tinsel for Pimpin Entertainment, Inc. and the Playza Club Record who also had been called Russel Simmons of the west coast and the new defjam music group of today must be recognized as well as respected for being the boss.

The Playz Club Records Company was created while Russell Mac T Tinselly was wrongly imprisoned from 2010 to 2019. The company was started with a $100.00 CD he recorded with the Sweet Water Studio and from the New Jersey Prison punishing him wrongfully, originally with associate executive producer Mr. Clint walker as Double Edge Music Studio, the company's fist international release was money that's what he wanted and needed to get his business started in March 2011.

The founder choosing a name that reflected the fabulous, stylish lifestyle of the rich and famous in show biz, created the word " Pimpin Entertainment" for the company that trending as the brand for

R &B , reggae , hip hop , pop rock and gangsta rap trap music artist.

That same year it released its gold record "Mac T My Gangsta Partie" . In 2019 the company which has grown from the New Jersey prison punishing him wrongfully, his recording business is an international enterprise record business with other recording signed artist to the roaster of Superstars of the record label Playza Club Record's manufacturing and marketing by the Playza Club records and Pimpin Entertainment a unit of Mac T's exclusive PIMP management/ production and distributed by Pimpin Entertainment , Itunes - Apple , Tunecore, Cd Baby, Spotify, Google Play, Soundcloud , Empire and Tidal etc.

Mac T plans to move the business operation from New Jersey- Philadelphia to Las Vegas Nevada and will continue to provide an opportunity for investors, artist and producers to reach their music industry goals no matter what the situation that is trying to hold them back from their destiny.

Let the word go forth here and now that a new time, a new era and new epic has begun.

As Mac T at the Playza Club records and Pimpin En the greatest record label of this generation leading the way, for 8 years. He was locked away and the injustice of America's unconstitutional civil commitment system in Avenel, New Jersey suffering because of his civil and human rights was begin violated by the state of New Jersey persist to the Expost Facto Law and for exercising his first amendment right to free speech. Yet that era of being denied your freedom of speech, property, liberty and sovereignty is becoming closed and because we are living the legacy of such great artist and music producers Paul Wall, Jay-Z , Twista, 50 cent, Rick Ross, Raheem Devaughn, and superstars who are becoming back and alive within the music of Mac T's Playz Club Records and Pimpin Entertainment. He created a master plan music business and the best thing happening for he want his record label to bigger and better from all the rest that came before him, to be found in your lifetime so that your life can be a master plan when listening, dancing , partying and celebrating to master plan music for real success in this society.

Check it out below some of our legend music and compare to the artist of the Playza Club rerecords and Pimpin Entertainment

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Mac T

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Russell Tinsley's Movie Project Exclusive Game Changer

The Playza Club Records Company, and Pimpin Entertainment network and another Mac-T's P.I.M.P. productions are very proud to present its first motion picture movie "The Black American Street Life".

This film on the rise will be based on the number one book, authored by Dan Rose and the books by Russell Tinsley "The African American Muslim Leadership Reform" and "Civilly Committed" from their own personal experience and lifestyles of growing up in the South Philadelphia Center City Society surviving astonishing journey from the bottom to the top.

This is an independent movie project, you will want to see 100 times, given Russell Tinsley the credit he deserves, from where he came from and to where he is headed unstoppable, as young professional building wealth and loving it, an "Unfinished Success Unlimited Associates Production Business True Life Story". Russell Tinsley also as (Mac-T) weaves a tale about his most powerful unfinished upbringing success unlimited associate production business true-life story, without all the lies, betrayal and deceit told about him by his haters, enviers and jealous people who to destroy his reputation as the street life hustler.

The Black American Street Life got him his first experience with the law and into a life of crime when he's set-up and by his old gang rival, family, friends, members of his Islamic faith, law enforcement agency and the court, where it resulted for him getting criminal record, unrelated to his entertainment business as an executive in corporate America.

His Black American Street Life experience affirmed his status as one of the brightest hustlers, but with talent working in the entertainment industry. Russell (Mac-T Tinsley) is a Chief Executive Officer of the Playza Club Records Co., and Pimpin Entertainment Network is writing his highly anticipated bio movie strip.

Born and raised in South city. Russell (Mac-T Tinsley) rose from the Black American Street Life as a hustler and/or to some will call a criminal to prominence with his debut CD album (Ya Invited To My Gangsta Partie) to start and run his own record label.

The books were selected for Russell (Mac-T Tinsley) movie project and he is writing his own highly anticipated movie script, about his story, to affirm his status as one of the brightest talents working in the modern entertainment and fashion industry. A true success story to be told Russell (Mac-T Tinsley) film "Black Americans Street Life" a true success story that might help the secrets behind the wicked people in America still trying to keep the black Americans locked down in chains as slaves, and are kept lock away in prison cells for life.

A brilliant writer investigates the Black American Life, and a hustler from the streets of, sent to prison and then civilly committed for some crimes he didn't commit, became a famous artist and a record label boss still while in the American prison system, but his heated nature and secretive kingpin attracted the attention of a movie studio mogul who wants to release this unfinished success unlimited associate production business true story, as Russell (Mac-T Tinsley) weaves to tell about his Black American Street Life experience coming from nothing to something.

 To Donate cash contribution or investment towards this Russell (Mac-T Tinsley) movie project. Please click here.

 A donation can be done by checks

 Name for checks: Russell Tinsley

 Money orders and deposits to Bank Of America

 A/C #381051723505.

 Routing # 021200339.

 Address: P.O. Box 105576, Atlanta, Ga 30358.

Black American Street Life

The African American Muslim Leadership Reformed Taking On The Responsibility To Lead Humanity.

Free Russell Mac-T Tinsley: Civilly Committed!

For more information and casting visit Tyler Perry Studio casting department regarding principal casting for the Rusell Tinsley Movie Project Exclusive Game Changer.

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