The Playza Club Record Company and Pimpin Entertainment is proud to introduce our newest member, signed recording artist and tattoo artist, Rock StayRollin.

Rock Stay Rollin is a veteran rapper, with a resume that includes a number of hip hop songs and mixtapes. The Cleveland, Ohio player has chosen to join The Playza Club Record Company & Pimpin Entertainment to pursue a musical endeavor with Mac T, a musical producer and business man with a trademark brand that cannot be defined by one music genre.

In addition to Rock Stay Rollin pursuing a musical career with the Playza Club Record, he also has another profession at a spacious private studio in Cleveland, Ohio. When he informed Mac T of his other profession, Mac T immediately noticed one thing: Unlike other musical artists, Rock Stay Rollin is one of the best tattoo artists now on the scene. No disrespect to the majority of musical artists, but Rock Stay Rollin is on a grand scale like a seasoned artist and entrepreneur. He is readying his best business deal with Mac T of The Playza Club Records Company & Pimpin Entertainment.

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Below check out rock StayRollin Music, videos and tattoos! Up and coming album will be released soon!

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